Snorkelling in Malta

4 September 2013

Snorkelling in Malta
I recently spent a day in Comino on a boat. Since then I have been nagging and pestering my friends to do it again. Fortunately they are happy to hire a boat again between us and hit the open seas and today is the day!

This time our plan is not just to linger around Comino but to explore some of the better known swimming and snorkelling spots in Malta, Gozo and Comino. If I am really honest with you I want to go diving, however I have not done it before. Adam Claffey, my friend and fellow blogger on this site, has offered to take me to the same school he learnt at, until then I will have to make do with my snorkel and mask.

Adam jokes that snorkelling is no substitute for diving, however when it comes to Malta’s, Gozo’s and Comino's shoreline there is an abundance of places to go and experience the beauty and mystery of its underwater world. Okay, I accept I can't hold my breath for long enough to experience some of the ship wrecks in Malta like the Bristol Blenheim bomber, The Um El Faroud or Malta's latest wreck The P29 Minesweeper Patrol Boat but ship wrecks aren't the only thing to see in Malta's waters.

Just under the surface of the water the environment transforms itself into an exciting experience offering an unexpected range of fauna, fish and other underwater creatures that will provide an enchanting experience while enjoying the adventure and discovery of the Mediterranean’s aquatic life. I am going to list a few places I have researched, of course there are many more, but half the fun is finding these places!

The Crystal Lagoon

The first on my list is the Crystal Lagoon. I can't believe I spent the whole day in Comino and didn't swim here. That said I was very comfortable at the better known Blue Lagoon and I hold no regrets. It's just another reason to pop back for an hour or two. As the name implies the Crystal Lagoon is a stunning shallow bay with beautiful crystal clear waters. The surrounding views beat any postcard I have ever seen and I cannot wait to explore the white sands and colourful fish.


Cirkewwa is known as popular site for snorkelling as the shallower parts of the reef are home to a huge range of aquatic life including parrot fish, bream and colourful wrasse. If you are lucky enough you may even spot an Octopus, Cuttlefish, Moray eels or even a Scorpion fish.   

Coral Garden 

Next is Coral Garden. I realise there is no actual coral in the Mediterranean but Coral Garden got its name from the large variety of underwater fauna it hosts and for this reason can be considered the Mediterranean version of a coral reef. The area is exposed to northerly winds and is only accessible on calm days. But when the weather is calm there is a huge variety of fish to be seen.

Tuna Park

Tuna Park is surely one of the most interesting and unique places to snorkel anywhere in the Mediterranean. The Tuna Park is really nothing more than massive holding nets with hundreds of Bluefish Tuna inside. The real fun begins when you enter inside the net and are surrounded by these fast swimming gentle giants of the sea. An unforgettable experience I am sure.


*Image provided by TJ Falzon, Free Diver in Malta                         

So as I write this I'm looking at my watch and I think I’m ready to go. I am just waiting for my friend to pick me up to meet the others. She should be here any minute. One last check in bag to make sure I have everything; flippers, check, snorkel, check, mask, check, sun cream, check, sandwiches (ftira of course!), check, water, check, towel and flip flops, check, and off I go!

Watch this great video by David Trees about snorkelling in Malta! 

Author: Sabine Jung

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