Sabine’s New Year’s Resolutions

10 January 2014

Now that Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations are over, I find myself at my laptop feeling full and lazy. It’s been a great festive season packed with parties, Christmas shopping, and lots of food! After one too many mince pies and a not-so healthy dose of Christmas log, it’s time to reflect and start working on my New Year’s resolutions. 

Now I am no way a firm believer in New Year’s resolutions. They always start out as a long ambitious to-do list and are typically forgotten about half way through February. Instead, this year, I’ve come up with some challenging and fun ideas to become a healthier person and make the most of 2014 and all that Malta has to offer. I’ve even downloaded a neat mobile app to encourage me to stick to my plans!

Resolution no.1   

From mince pies to Feta dip

My first resolution is the most obvious .Yes, you’ve guessed correctly – to eat healthily. I know, I know, not the most original resolution to make, but I’m actually looking forward to starting. I’ve received a Healthy Mediterranean Diet Cook Book for Christmas full of recipes using scrumptious olive oil, sundried tomatoes, fish, legumes, beans and all sorts of Maltese produce. From what I’ve read, a Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world, reducing the chances of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even diabetes. So, spinach with pine nuts and raisins, roasted eggplant and feta dip are up next on the menu.  That doesn’t sound too bad for a start to a healthy diet.
Of course healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercise and this leads me to my second resolution.

Resolution no.2

Fitness with a view

Many people say that they are going to join the gym in the new year but since the thought of a treadmill gives me nightmares, I’ve booked a month of weekly Zumba classes to keep up with my optimistic decisions. But that’s not all. In order to fit my healthy resolutions into my weekend plans, I’ve started a weekend-exercise escapade which involves keeping fit whilst enjoying Malta’s beautiful landscapes and climate . This weekend some friends are joining me for a cycle round Dingli to face the hilly roads and enjoy the breathtaking views. Next week we’re hiking in Selmun and passing by two historical towers ‘Aħrax Tower’  and ‘Ghajn Hadid’. After that I shall be bracing myself for 20 laps in one of Malta’s leading swimming pools. I am really looking forward to this and venturing further into kayaking and diving come summer! 

Resolution no. 3

Learning something new and different. 

After interviewing inspirational people for Air Malta such as Emma’s Kitchen Project  blogger and Marilu` from Pastizzi Gourmet , I’ve decided to try my hand at something new and challenging. After giving a thought to fencing, pottery and painting something occurred to me. I’ve lived in Malta for 8 years and I still haven’t learnt the language! So scrap all other ideas. With so many Maltese courses around, I’m enrolling myself into a course to learn this language unique to these wonderful islands. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll be writing next year’s blogs in Maltese! 

Photo by Joanna Demarco

Resolution no. 4

Sabine goes green

My fourth resolution is one for the environment. Instead of driving to work and polluting the air, I have decided to walk. I only live 15 minutes away from my office by car, so a 35 minute walk in the morning, shouldn’t do me any harm. I’m not much of a morning person but after all, what’s a new year without any challenges?  

Resolution no.5 

This time I mean it

Finally, my last resolution is to stick to my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve even downloaded a mobile app called ‘LittleBit’ to help. This new app encourages you to build a habit by enabling you to create small tasks to reach your goal bit by bit. You can create reminders, take photos of your achievements, collect rewards and share your achievements with your friends. Read more about the app here.

I must admit, January always seems to be quite an anti-climax after all the Christmas festivities. However, it has only been a few days so far and with my weekend activity plans, healthy Mediterranean meals, Maltese lessons and my fresh morning walks, I feel like I’m onto a good start. The year 2014 is looking bright. 

Author: Sabine Jung

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