Patches Fair – all things colourful,vintage and beautifully handmade

5 July 2013

Handcrafted items at Patches Fair
If you are a lover of all things vintage and handmade, Patches is a shopper’s heaven. Founded in 2010, Patches sees artisans, designers and craftspeople coming together in one place to connect with people who appreciate the quality of locally designed and handcrafted items.

Heading towards the Spring Edition of Patches held in April at the Magazino Hall, Valletta Waterfront, the warm weather offered the perfect opportunity to head out for some fun. The stalls varied and included a broad range of items – From crafts to jewellery, hand-printed items, ceramics and cupcakes, the Magazino Hall added to the uniqueness and grandeur of this edition.

With over 40 stalls present for each edition, Patches brings together the creative community in the majestic city of Valletta. The main aim of Patches is not just to set up a stall and sell but rather to promote contemporary artisans and their passion and love for arts and crafts. 

Having the artists on-site added uniqueness to the event as it allowed the creators to meet shoppers face-to-face as well as to share the enjoyment and knowledge of their art with the public.

Wandering from stall to stall, the Patches fair gave a good feel of the Maltese culture and arts. Meeting various artists whilst eating delicious cupcakes, turned my Sunday afternoon into a heavenly shopping experience.

More details about the upcoming event on

Author: Sabine Jung

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