Malta buzzing with World Cup fever

19 June 2014

World Cup fever has gripped the Maltese. The Maltese love football just as much as they love pastizzi. With various dedicated 'World Cup Villages' set up in numerous locations around the island, supporters of all nationalities have the opportunity to watch the games in open-air venues on giant screens. Thousands of supporters group together to support their favourite team and the atmosphere is nothing short of electric. 

Any tourist arriving in Malta right now may be fooled into believing they have landed in Rome, London, Berlin or even Rio de Janeiro as hundreds of flags are proudly displayed on rooftops, balconies and cars across the island.

Malta didn't qualify into the World Cup 2014 unfortunately, so who are the Maltese supporting?  England and Italy so far are luring the biggest crowds. Many are also supporting Brazil and Germany. Even Australia has a lot of support in Malta, especially with so many Maltese having connections with Australia.

Most pub, bars, clubs and even restaurants have installed big screens to broadcast the matches. The timing of the games really works in their favour, with most of the games typically being aired locally at 6pm, 9pm and midnight. Many of the Maltese prefer to watch the game out of the house, to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy a drink or two, and celebrate with their fellow supporters.


Whenever an event like the World Cup comes around, a surge in sales of televisions and projectors occurs, and this time round it  has been no different. 


Of course all the games are being broadcast on local television in full HD. If large crowds are not your thing, why not invite a few friends over and enjoy the match at home? With the world’s best footballers playing at the highest level, the warm evening weather ideal for a BBQ and a few cold beers in the fridge, what more could you need? 

Author: Adam Claffey

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