Malta Comic Con 2013

3 December 2013

I decided to get a head start on my Christmas shopping this year and headed out to Valletta over the weekend. I like to think I’m quite an organized shopper who does not get distracted too easily. How wrong I was.

I was quite surprised to see some young, and not so young, people walking around in full superhero costumes. I couldn’t help but think that this was just a little bit strange. It is after all three months too early for the carnival season. However I soon discovered that they were not carnival enthusiasts eager for February to come around, but rather comic enthusiasts heading to Malta’s very own Comic Convention. 

Malta Comic Con’ has been held annually since 2009, and is put together by a group of volunteers known as Wicked Comics.

The organisers, Wicked Comics, believe Malta Comic Con is much more than just comics and comic artists. In fact the event is packed with workshops, film viewings, and discussions too.

The Malta Comic Con featured both local comic artists, as well as some foreign guests. This year it was headlined by Charlie Adlard, a British comic book artist who has worked on The Walking Dead. In the past Adlard also worked as an artist for both Marvel and DC comics.

Finally, and my personal favourite part of the event was the ‘cosplayers’.Costume-players take part in role-play scenarios, depicting characters from manga, anime, comics, video games, films and other media. Most of the ‘cosplayers’ costumes were homemade, and competitions were held on both days for the best costumes. Gaming tournaments were also a big feature and gamers took part in both RPG (Role Playing Games), table-top, and digital games. 

So if you are somewhat like me, the mention of comics brings back nostalgic memories of flipping through Beano journals and Spiderman Comics, and it can make you forget instantly about the Christmas shopping for well over an hour and a half. Comic Con will be back next year!


Author: Sabine Jung

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