Ghostly Tales in Malta

27 March 2014

Those who believe in ghosts, strange tales and super natural phenomena will find Malta has numerous haunted locations and ghostly stories to tell. According to Joseph Attard, author of, "The Ghosts in Malta" unexplained events and apparitions are rooted in Malta's historical past.

Known haunted locations in Malta include Manoel Island, Fort St Angelo, The Grand Masters’ Palace in Valletta, St John’s Co-Cathedral and Verdala Palace, not to mention various houses in different localities.

The Black Knight

A Black Knight appeared during the years immediately after World War I, and was seen by both Maltese and Englishmen as they worked on the restoration of the island. Dressed in full armour and regalia of the order of St John, the Black Knight would supervise the men’s work. The more work that took place, the more frequent his apparition. Some of the workmen speculated that the Black Knight was the Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena himself due to similarities to what they had seen in the portrait that still hangs to this day in the President's Palace in Valletta.

Soon after these sightings a crypt beneath the chapel was opened by Archbishop Captain Brockman who discovered that it had been destroyed by vandals. When the crypt was restored, the knight stopped appearing. However the Black Knight was seen again in 1980. When investigations took place they discovered that the crypt had been vandalised again.

The Blue Lady

A young woman and the niece of Grand Master De Rohan. A suitor had been chosen for her who was not to her liking. Tired of being rejected by the lady in question the chosen suitor imprisoned her within her room in the Verdala Palace. After some time she tried to escape through a window, only to fall to her death. Soon after she was then seen roaming the building wearing a blue dress, the same dress she had worn when she died. Housing guests would see the Blue Lady’s’ reflection when looking in a mirror and a majority of the staff working within the building had experienced at least one vision or encounter. It is said many people who attend the August moon ball at the Verdala Palace annually confirm that she does indeed appear in the palace. 

The Headless Bride

There is a tale of a girl known as Katerina who lived in Mdina. She killed a Knight who tried to attack her. She was sentenced to death for her crime and was beheaded but was granted one wish before her punishment and was allowed to marry. Many people have reported that after taking photos in Mdina that they have also captured an intruder they were not expecting to see. A figure of a headless girl, wearing a bridal gown.

I have enjoyed researching into the various myths, legends, tales and ghostly stories over the last few weeks. Thoughts of Malta potentially being the Lost City of Atlantis, Giant humanoids living deep underground in the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum or Black Knights and Blue Ladies have captured my imagination and I hope has done the same for you. I, of course, remain interested in hearing any stories, tales or legends that you may know and encourage you to comment below.

Author: Adam Claffey

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