Flying with Children

29 August 2014

Travelling can at times be quite stressful. Add restless, impatient and messy little ones into the mix and it’s a whole new ball game. Part of it may be those "evil looks" which other travellers tend to give at parents and their progeny. Other parents fear, even if their child is typically well behaved, that once airborne, there’s always a chance of that dreaded three hour tantrum.

Fortunately, with a little preparation, you can mitigate many of the biggest concerns about flying with your kids. Below we have come up with a few tips to make sure your next flight to Malta, or your next family holiday goes without a hitch.

Teach them the wonder of flying

Flying with Children | Air Malta

Flying is fun, in fact, it’s pretty amazing. It's unlikely your little one has accumulated many air miles and are typically excited about going up into the sky. Flight was once wonderful, to them it still is.

Keep it simple

Most parents have their tried and tested, simple, yet effective games that keep everyone occupied. I-Spy, alphabet and number games always go down a treat. Then there’s the games you can play on the way to and from the airport, like the number plate game, use the last three letters to make a sentence, eg. KLS- Kate loves Sausages!

Pack the ultimate bag

Entertaining your child is a must on and off the plane. However picking the right toys to take can sometimes be confusing. A selection of simple, well-designed toys is typically your best choice. Ask yourself, is it quiet and compact? Are there any small pieces or is it likely to break? Does it need batteries? If it does, are they charged? Can your child play with it on their own or will they need your help? A little foresight can go a long way.

Tell the Police

Firstly, please do not scare your child out of its wits, however you could always warn them about the "Aeroplane Police" who are always looking out for badly-behaved children. Many report it works wonders in stopping toddlers climbing over seats, playing with the fold down table and kicking the seat in front. If you’re flying around Christmas time, Santa Claus does the same job.

Milk it

If you’re travelling with infants try and give them their milk bottle at take-off and landing. There are two benefits to this:

  • They have to wear their seat belt at these points and it can be a distraction.
  • It helps equalise the pressure when ascending or descending.


Finally, Take care of You!

Travelling should be an enjoyable experience, whilst pouring your efforts into project-managing your offspring on-board, in-transit behaviour, don't forget to take care of yourself. If you’re feeling good, you'll be able to cope much more with any test your child wishes to put you through. Pack your passport, allow yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, eat well and check out all the things you can do in the Malta with Kids section!

Author: Adam Claffey

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