Eco-Gozo by 2020 – An inspired vision

4 December 2013

I typically write my blogs about events I have been to or I try to give advice to the travellers coming to Malta & Gozo. However when I found out that by 2020 Gozo was planning to be an eco-island I felt I must tell the world! 

Gozo, a small island, part of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea has a vision. By 2020 Gozo will become an eco-island supported by a keen and committed sustainable community with goals of further improving the island’s quality of life. 

It is vital that the surrounding environment remains safe guarded and passed onto the next generation in a better state than it is currently in. However within the framework of sustainability the environment is also that commodity which belongs to all without exclusion, and which determines the quality of life of the people living within it.

These considerations have spurred the eco-Gozo vision and the small size of the island presents opportunities to apply a set of focused initiatives to provide a healthier and better lifestyle in Gozo originating from a nourishing environment.

The economic sustainability is fundamental for both continued development and the setting of adequate safeguards for the physical and cultural ethos of the island of Gozo. The island also has particular strengths to attract investment, particularly in the form of a competent, flexible workforce and an overall high quality of life. Gozo's distinctive characteristics and Government's commitment to move forward with the eco-island vision call for a different approach for job creation on the island.

Islands are infamous for being special incubators of a strong identity and a particular cultural temperament. Gozo is no different. It boasts a strong cultural heritage and a steady output of cultural fare. The population possesses a strong island identity which gives the island's mere 30,000-odd population, a character which goes well beyond mere demographic numbers or the size of the island.

The culture, heritage and identity of the island of Gozo need to be safeguarded. Gozo's particular identity has always been that which made the island so attractive to foreign settlers, day trippers and tourists alike. Not too far from the Maltese identity yet very Gozitan in its very own way. 

This said, Gozo does not exist in a vacuum, and though the Gozitan lifestyle has been the centre point in tourist marketing, a modern fast-paced culture has slowly crept in threatening particular characteristics and authentic village traits and traditions. It is in this spirit that the eco-Gozo vision aims at fostering the Gozitan identity while enhancing the long standing eco-friendly manners by which rural life in Gozo was always conducted. This, coupled with the rich cultural texture and love for the arts will be supported within the eco-Gozo strategy.

Eco-Gozo is a vision for the island to become even more beautiful, inspiring, welcoming, thriving, inclusive and successful.  A healthy and successful place to live in and in equilibrium with the environment. Welcome to the new age.

Author: Adam Claffey

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