Cabin Crew Reveals Airborne Photography

11 March 2014

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to spend most of your day in the air and visit more than one country per day? Or more over, to travel to a country for just a few hours each time and eat plane food as your packed lunch?

We were lucky enough to gain insight into the behind the scenes of an Air Malta flight and receive some awesome photos taken by one of Air Malta’s very own air hostesses, Lindsey Cauchi. Lindsey spent a summer working with us and on her last flight to Zurich decided to cleverly capture and document her great experience.

Not only did the air hostess snap some great shots, but she also paid tribute to the history of photography. Instead of taking out her smart phone and instagramming some photos, as most of us would do, Lindsey turned to analogue photography and used a manual camera to allow viewers to relive a non-digital experience. Her aim was to help viewers appreciate the beauty of manual film photography which takes a lot more time and effort than digital photography. Nowadays manual film photography is not as common as it used to be and digital filers just can't quite replicate a true analogue photo.

"I feel honored that I had the chance to be Cabin Crew for our national airline whilst promoting a country like no other, Malta. Capturing this experience in film was an opportunity to treasure and I am overwhelmed that I get to share the outcome with all Air Malta's followers."– Lindsey 

Check out her photos here: 

Air hostess and photographer Lindsey, in the Cockpit

Air Malta flight to Zurich - waiting for its passengers

Lunch is packed and we’re ready to fly

Controls in the Cockpit 

 Preparing for take-off

View From mid-air

Peeping through the Porthole – A view of Zurich runway by night

Front of the craft

Reaching the tail end of our journey

Zurich Airport Runway - We’ve landed!


Bringing a piece of Malta to other lands

Disembarking the plane

Time to prepare the plane for its next flight.

Meet the Air Malta Cabin Crew

Wearing our colours with pride


To view more of Lindsey's work click here

Author: Adam Claffey

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