Boating in Comino

21 August 2013

Boating in Comino

Comino is an isolated and tranquil island between Malta and Gozo. There are only four people who permanently live there and today Comino is a bird sanctuary and a nature reserve. With no tunnels, bridges, or airports there is only one way to travel to Comino and that is by boat.

I had yet to venture over to this island and anyone I spoke to insisted that visiting Comino is a must and you have not really experienced everything that the Maltese Islands have to offer unless you visit at least once. Not only that but even though the island is only 2.5 km by 1.5 km it is best to put an entire day aside as there is as much or as little to do as you feel like!

So, I decided today was the day to experience Comino. The thing is though I don’t have my own boat, so with a bowl of cereal in front of me, my notebook resting on my lap, I starting exploring my options.

Fortunately there are trips to Comino readily available on a daily basis throughout the day. In fact there are quite a few options. Boats for hire are available in all shapes, sizes and costs and can make for a great day out on the water. Alternatively there are various affordable sightseeing cruises or water taxis that will happily take a small group across.

Comino is notorious for having some of the most beautiful waters in the Mediterranean, specifically one spot known as the Blue Lagoon. Words cannot truly describe the beauty and clarity of the crystal clear waters in this spot and is a must on anyone who visits Malta to do list. It can get quite busy at weekends, especially in the summer as many of the Maltese also head over for a swim, so if you can find a time during the week, like I did, you may enjoy the experience just that little bit more.

Imagine this if you will, jumping on a boat and heading over to Comino and exploring the island in the morning, either by boat or by foot, as there are some great walking and hiking options available, followed by a swim in the magnificent blue lagoon, sunbathing and relaxing in your own boat for the day, as the evening approaches cruise to the high cliffs to watch the sun set over the horizon lighting up the sky with various shades of red and orange with the silhouette of Gozo after sunset behind you. Sounds like bliss right? It can quite easily become a reality when staying in Malta or Gozo!

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Author: Sabine Jung

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