Exploring a wealth of shops in Malta’s city streets

5 July 2013

Market stall selling filigree
One of the most positive things I discovered whilst living in Malta, is that going shopping is facilitated by the shorter distances between locations. 

One of my favourite places to shop is the capital of Malta, Valletta. Along its narrow streets and hidden away in every corner, you will find a wealth of small shops. Although Malta lacks major shopping malls you would usually find in most European capitals, it compensates with a number of smaller shopping arcades.

The markets especially those in Valletta offer plenty of shopping opportunities.  Here I can buy anything from fruit to vegetables and antiques. Amongst many other items, I particularly enjoy shopping for Maltese lace. From handkerchiefs to tablecloths and shawls, the markets held in Valletta offer a striking selection. Maltese artisans also sell here delicate filigree silver and gold jewellery. There is also a street in Valletta that is renowned for the various jewellery shops lining it.

Sliema boasts a wider choice of shops. With various international shops lining the streets of Sliema, Malta brings you shops you would commonly see on the streets of London to Sliema’s High Street.

Following a rather lengthy shopping spree in Sliema, I usually can’t wait to rest at one of the many coffee shops in the area and have a bite to eat.

Author: Adam Claffey

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