Attending an alternative gig night

3 May 2013

The Velts at Coach and Horses

As an avid music lover, moving to Malta for me initially meant leaving behind a very active music scene back home. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Stumbling over a quaint little bar in Msida called Coach and Horses last weekend, gave me a taste of a rather active local music scene.

Attending a double gig by local alternative bands The Velts and Violent Violets gave me a glimpse into the rather underground local indie scene. The Velts were the first band to kick off. With their fun guitar post punk sounds, they engaged the crowd into frenzy. They were the perfect support and opening band for the rather gloomy sounds of the Violent Violets.

Barely 18 years old, the Violent Violets presented a rather packed Coach and Horses, a musical maturity that goes beyond their years.  Their rather heavy and dark sounds had me in awe.

In between bands, there was a deejay set that went on past 3 in the morning. Although Malta is small in size, the local music scene is not. On the contrary, it is thriving strongly. With a busy schedule and with an event always on, Coach and Horses is only one small venue from several that promote local bands. 

Don’t get fooled into thinking that there only is Paceville or St Paul’s Bay for the perfect night out. This little bar in the middle of Valley Road in Msida offers a most appealing environment for those seeking a rather unordinary night out.

Author: Sabine Jung

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