3D Printing in Malta

2 February 2015

There are very few 3D printing companies in Malta. It is a very small niche which the Maltese market has yet to tap into in depth. Although there are few companies that are in business at the moment, such as Pop-Up Printing, Malta 3D Printing & Full circle 3D Printing. I had the opportunity to meet one of the technicians from Malta 3D Printing who has dived head first into this exciting new industry.

3D Printing has been around for decades, but has only became commercially viable in recent years. Also known as additive manufacturing, it can transform a 3D file into a real-life model in materials including plastic, rubber, metal and more. 

Locally, this ground-breaking technology has inspired an entrepreneur to launch his own company. With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, self-taught technician David Andrews intends to propel ‘Malta 3D Printing’ to the top of the technological food chain. Its aim is to put the consumer in the driver’s seat, with customization being the main focus. I had the pleasure of asking him a few things about 3D printing and his business.

“I found that other outlets available couldn't offer me the options and flexibility I could achieve with my own techniques. Customers deserve full control of every aspect of the build. This is not a factory where we produce one product for a hundred people; we want to create a hundred different products for a hundred different people."

Customers can choose to manipulate the materials, colour and resolution, print speed, print finish, spray work and more. Operating a 3D printer is no easy task, and David overcame various obstacles in his company’s early days, with his hands-on approach proving effective in dealing with technical issues.

One of his most prized possessions is a large, green helmet modelled after the protagonist from the popular video game series, Halo. David claims the helmet took over 60 hours to print, and will soon be fitted with custom LED lights and a visor.

The company boasts a wide range of functional and decorative 3D printed items. A recent noteworthy creation is the huge Storm trooper Helmet David’s team painstakingly printed, sanded, painted and attached.  Products are on display via the official Facebook page, which has garnered upwards of 800 likes. 

His goal is to cover every aspect of 3D printing all under one roof, including file design and 3D scanning. Ultimately, he plans on offering educational courses to would-be students. With the official website under construction, David is processing orders through the Malta 3D Printing Facebook page, and via e-mail.

Thanks to Martin Calleja Urry & David Andrews

First image courtesy of CaptureMe Photography

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