Walking & Hiking in Comino

Walking in Comino

It’s incredible how a mere 3.5 sq. kilometer island may offer such pleasant walking and hiking opportunities. For years, Comino has been the choice venue for film-makers, poets and hikers alike.​

Your trip to Comino will invariably start on a ferry boat which will take you there. Departure points are easily located in both Malta and Gozo and scheduled trips are available from the two main providers: United Comino Ferries or Ebsons. The trip to Comino will generally last around 20 minutes and is extremely charming, with the Blue Lagoon being a convenient and common arrival point.

Once you walk beyond the Blue Lagoon a rocky passage way will lead you to a scenic vantage point from which most of the island of Comino will be visible. Here you’ll spot several winding passage ways which spiral back to the sea, yet walking further will present some breathtaking views of jagged limestone cliffs. Consider this as your departure point and aim for a full circular walk around Comino.

The island is essentially not populated  which means that you won’t see any vehicles or other polluting artifacts. This presents a great leisurely walking opportunity lasting around four hours. On such a trek look out for:

  • The Crystal Lagoon: a less well known water pool than the Blue Lagoon yet which has beautiful emerald green water.
  • Saint Mary’s Tower: a seventeenth century fortification structure utilized by the Knights of Malta to guard the coastline and visible immediately from almost all areas of the island.
  • The Cumin seed: a spice which grows abundantly on the island from which Comino gets its name.
  • San Niklaw Bay: located close to the Comino Hotel ( the only hotel on the island) this bay is beautiful and a great departure point for watersport activities or a romantic seaside dinner.
  • Tamarisk and pine trees: which grow abundantly in this area especially in the north-eastern side of the island.

When gearing up for a walking or trekking expedition to Comino you should consider wearing rugged walking boots as the terrain is principally uneven due to the lack of structured roads. In summer consider sun-block cream as well as sufficient amounts of water. Make sure to carry your camera along as you’ll certainly want to capture some idyllic scenes.

Did you know?

  • The famous eight-pointed Maltese Cross symbolizes the 8 obligations of the Knights of St John: Truth, faith, repent of sins, humility, justice, merciful, sincere and enduring persecution.
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