Chadwick Lakes: A Countryside Walk in Malta

Chadwick Lakes

The region known as ‘Chadwick Lakes’ in Malta takes its name from the British engineer who built the water-management dam in this area in 1890: Mr. Osbert Chadwick.​

Situated between Rabat and Mtarfa this oasis of serene fresh water presents a perfect day of walking and trekking. The lakes form a miniature ecosystem which cradle a delicae habitat for various flora and fauna. Water constantly flows eastwards towards Mosta through a series of man-made structures.

When visiting the lakes it’s common to see families setting up picnics or teams organizing incentive activities. Weekends are particularly busy with the Spring and Winter seasons being particularly active as the weather is more clement and the lakes increasingly active (unfortunately the warm Summer months tend to dry-up the lakes).

A popular countryside-walking trek to be considered in the area is one which departs from Rabat and ends in Mosta with Chadwick Lakes being the central part of the walk. The curved walking path is around eight kilometers in length and is a beautiful meditative walk when the Willow and Water Cress are in full bloom. Take time to look out for tadpoles and lake fish which are common in Chadwick Lakes.

You can also find a large amount of rambling and walking societies in Malta, which will organize regular walks in this area. These walks are generally led by an experienced guide who will point out specific geology in the area, locations of historical interest, unusual aromatic herbs and garrigue plants.

Walking gear for Chadwick Lakes could be limited to standard hiking shoes and light trousers and t-shirt, however consider walking poles for additional stability. The terrain is generally dry but muddy spots may appear after winter rainfalls. Layer more clothes in the colder months and plan for an eight hour walk if you intend to circle the entire area (circa 10 kilometers), or a four hour walk if you intend to restrict your trek to the specific Chadwick Lakes zone. The latter option may be preferable in the Summer months.

Did you know?

  • Did you know that over 31 million passengers use the bus on the Maltese Islands every year?
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