A walk through Buskett and Girgenti


Buskett offers lovely walking treks and is steeped with heritage since its gardens were originally planted by the Knights of Malta as hunting grounds. ​

Nestled in Malta’s only woodland area, Buskett is undoubtedly Malta’s gem of the West .While you certainly won’t spot any wild boar in sight, you will be treated to one of the greenest areas in Malta, rife with shrubs and delightful fruit trees. At the edge of the gardens is the official residence of the President of Malta – known as ‘
Verdala Palace’  – originally a hunting lodge built in the sixteenth century by GrandMaster de Verdalle. 

An extremely pleasant walk may be traced from Buskett itself, through Girgenti and to the village of Siggiewi. When trekking or walking at a relaxed pace you may wish to plan a 6 hour walk assuming regular stops to take photographs or to rest. The route map is available by clicking here and may also be downloaded in German or French.

The path will present views of:

  •  The prehistoric cart ruts known as Clapham Junction or ‘Misrah Ghar il-Kbir).  These are tracks forced in the rock which seem to indicate transportation activity dating back more than four thousand years.
  • “Ghar il-Kbir” (literally translated to ‘the big cave’) is set beside the cart ruts and presents a complex network of caves partially hidden by a curtain of caper plants and once inhabited by Troglodytes  (or cave goers).
  • Rock-cut Punic tombs in the area known as: “Ta’ Zuta” which date back to roughly 600BC and which offer an insight into burial traditions of times gone by.
  • The Girgenti Palace which is located in the lush Girgenti vally. Presently the Palace acts as the summer residence of the Prime Minister of Malta yet previously served as the residence of the Inquisitor of Malta.
  • Several chapels and wayside churches are visible. One of the prettiest ones is the ‘Kappella tal-Providenza’ in Siggiewi which dates back to the eighteenth century.

During this walk take time to enjoy spots of local tradition and look out for religious events held in the area such as: the feast of St. Peter & St. Paul (held on the 29th of June and known in Maltese as “Imnarja”) as well as Good Friday events. Take in the smell of citrus orchards, carob and fig trees and the tall pecan nut trees. Note the topography of the region, the quality of the limestone terrain and the particular village core architecture.

The trek is a fairly easy one and is suitable for children with the supervision of adults. A light pair of hiking shoes is desirable and walking poles may assist stability in the area beside the cart ruts.

Image courtesy of MTA


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