Seasonal Dishes - Summer

Seasonal DishesMaltese Hobz biz-zejt

We have special dishes for every season!​

If you’re planning a trip to Malta during the warm summer months, we recommend that you take part in the Maltese Summer Challenge. The rules are simple; you have to eat as many meals as possible during your trip. Technically, this challenge can take place during any time of the year, but there’s just so much delicious food available in summer that it’s easier to take up the challenge without even knowing it. 

What’s so great about Malta’s seasonal dishes, you ask? Well for starters – literally - with just a loaf of bread and a handful of juicy tomatoes, you can whip up an incredible batch of hobz biz-zejt. Just picture it, a freshly opened bottle of Kinnie, or Cisk, and a plateful of hobz biz-zejt as you soak up the sun at the beach or by the pool.

Moving on, the calm seas in summer allow for some great catches by our devoted fishermen, providing fish-lovers with a wonderful selection of fresh fish and seafood. For instance, a quick trip to a fish counter will not only provide you with an assortment of shellfish like mussels, clams and prawns, but  with a great selection of wild fish like sea bream, sea bass, swordfish, and lampuki. If none of these terms mean anything to you, you needn’t worry, we can assure you that you could pick any one of them and be guaranteed a meal worth remembering.

Once you’re nearing the end of your meal, or if you’re adventurous and prefer to eat sweets whenever you please, Maltese cuisine calls for a generous helping of dessert. Fruit and ice cream are typical choices on a warm summer night, specifically the gelat tan-nanna, a very sweet ice cream made with condensed milk and dried fruit/cherries.

While some dishes are absolute staples to the Maltese diet, there are some dishes that should be savoured – not because you can’t have them in winter, but just because it’s not the same if you’re not enjoying them in summer.

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