Water Sports for Children

Water Sports for Children

Find a wide selection of water sports for you and your kids on Malta’s top sandy beaches.                                                                                     

While your childhood was probably spent happily ploughing away on the beach with a bucket and spade (if you were lucky enough to live by the beach), kids nowadays have a much wider choice of activities at the beach.

Once you’ve made your way to the northern sandy beaches of Ġnejna, Ghadira and Golden Bay, you’ll see that there are a number of contraptions out in the sea being enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

On these bays you’ll find your run of the mill water-based activities such as canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, paragliding, and surfing. Taking the canoes, kayaks and paddle boats out for a short trip are great ways to explore the bays and get a unique glimpse of the beautiful surroundings. Rides usually last one hour. The kayaks are perfect for a family, taking two adults and one child each. You can even request a tour of the bay by kayak.

Then, there are a number of unconventional water activities that are not for the faint of heart, such as wake boarding, crazy sofa, banana rides, which are all a form of water skiing where a boat pulls people on a contraption at full speed. These rides usually last 15 minutes and should set you back about 10 euros per person. The organisers insist that some of these rides are appropriate for children, however that is up to you to decide.

Simply locate the hut that the organiser is operating from and make your request. Make sure to have cash handy. Life jackets are included in the fee of every activity. Organisers are usually at the beach between 10am and 7pm from the mid June to the end of September.

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