Family-Friendly Museums in Malta

Malta with kidsFamily-Friendly Museums in Malta

​Discover Malta's history with your family

So you're in Malta with your family and you want to visit a museum, or two – and that wouldn’t be a problem if it were just you, a guide book and a camera, but things get a little trickier when you’ve got your kids in tow. 

The hardest part of visiting museums in Malta

 will probably be choosing only a handful of them, especially based on your interests and just how family-friendly the museums are.

If your kids are around the age of ten, they may enjoy learning about Malta’s natural history. The Museum of Natural History, situated in a baroque style palazzo in Mdina, houses displays on geology and paleontology  (the study of prehistoric life), exotic mammals, marine fauna, insects, shells, and birds. There is also an entire hall dedicated to an extensive mineral collection of over 850 pieces, in raw form and as works of art and jewellery. 

One of Malta’s most popular museums, the Roman Villa in Rabat holds precious artefacts that date back to 1st century BC. The layout of this goldmine of history is set up in such a way that it takes the visitor through the average day in the life of a Roman, with displays showing artefacts related to body care, cooking, weaving and entertainment. The Villa also boasts three mosaics which are in situ and in incredible condition, especially considering that they’re older than Jesus.

If your kids love all things Roman and spooky, your best bet to impress would be to take them to St Paul’s Catacombs. Located in Rabat, and surprise, surprise, not too far from the Roman Villa, the Catacombs date back to the 4th Century AD, where they served as a burial ground during Punic and Roman times. This underground cemetery is the earliest and largest archeological evidence of Christianity in Malta.

Għar Dalam quite literally means dark cave, so you might want to spare your toddlers the traumatic experience, but your teens are sure to love it! Although the cave is 144m deep, visitors only have access to the first 50m, beyond that the cave is pitch black. A paleontological gem, Għar Dalam holds fossils that date back 180,000 years. It is Malta’s oldest prehistoric site, according to the pointy stalagmites and stalactites found within that suggest that the cave was formed some two million years ago. 

Keep in mind that while the above museums are family friendly, they are not particularly child-centric. If you would like check out any cultural events specially designed for kids, do check out Heritage Malta’s event calendar.-

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