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Enormous in size, the United States has some of the largest and most appealing cities in the world whilst combining a multitude of cultures. ​

Vast and diverse, the United States has an astounding range of natural wonders, from the magnetism of the cities to the mountains and forests that cover the continent.

With extravagant cities, America is the home of LA, Las Vegas, Miami and New York City amongst others with each one conjuring a multitude of culture, cuisine and entertainment.  

The diverse music scene of Austin, the charm of San Francisco’s waterfront as well as the magnetism of New Orleans makes the United States a country worth visiting.

With infinite landscapes and open skies, the country paves way for road trips. The hillsides of the Great Plains and the forests of the Pacific Northwest are only a few examples for the perfect American road trip.

The United States is also host to one of the biggest collections and contributions to the arts – Jackson Pollock’s modern drip paintings, Robert Rauschenberg and Georgia O’Keeffe’s landscapes are all based here. Big cities like New York and Chicago are additionally a marvellous exhibition of modern architecture.

From the blues in Mississippi to the jazz and fun of Detroit, America has created a wide choice of music genres that appeal to everyone’s taste. No wonder then, that it is known as the land of dreams.


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