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For such a small African country, Tunisia has as much culture, historical significance and natural beauty as a country three times its size. ​

A country on the cusp of North African and Southern European cultures, Tunisia has held historical significance for thousands of years. Nowadays it offers a range of activities for visitors. Whether you’re coming for a beach holiday along its Mediterranean coastline, or you’re looking to explore the country’s history or natural destinations, you’ll definitely have the holiday of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a sun holiday by the beach, Tunisia is the perfect location. All along its coastline you will find beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Areas like Hammamet, Monastir and Djerba are perfect if you’re looking to relax by the beach for a few days. Sitting on these beaches, you will feel the stress of daily life melt away in no time. 

Of course, the further away from the coast you go in Tunisia, the more you will encounter beautiful areas that are underappreciated by most tourists. These areas shed some light into the real Tunisia and offer wonderfully genuine experiences of what the country is like. Heavily forested coastal regions, the Saharan Desert and the Jebil National Park are all waiting to be explored. 

The country is also dotted with beautiful historical landmarks that date back to the Phoenicians, the Roman Empire and the Carthaginians. The whole country is dotted with ancient remnants from these times that offer an insight into how Tunisia was thousands of years ago. The Ribat at Sousse, Carthage, Dougga and El Jem are all well worth seeing if you’re interested in the country’s rich history. 

While you’re here, you absolutely must try some of the traditional Tunisian foods too. Brik, a crispy pastry filled with eggs, onions and meat, is an absolute must. The mouth-watering local bread Khobz Tabouna should become part of your daily life while you’re in Tunisia too.  Also worth tasting are Coucha, Merguez and the delectably spicy Harissa.

Tunisia offers a genuine experience of what North African life is all about. If you’re looking for a holiday full of diverse opportunities, then book your flights to Tunisia.


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