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Often confused for Switzerland’s capital, Geneva is known for its luxurious and idyllic setting that adds that extra touch of finesse. ​

Geneva is one of Europe’s most precious gems. Cosmopolitan yet chic, the city of Geneva is a rarity. As one of the priciest cities in Europe, and since its people seems to speak every imaginable language, Geneva is commonly thought to be the Swiss capital. 

The third largest city in Switzerland, Geneva is embellished with shores of Alpine lake that add to the allurement and enticement of the city. Furthermore, it explains why most worldwide and highly esteemed organisations such as the UN and the World Health Organisation have decided to setup their main headquarters here.  

Over 200 governmental and nongovernmental  international organisations are based in Geneva whilst plenty of plush four and five star hotels lavish the city’s skyline. An incredible and wide-ranging choice of international restaurants line up the main streets, whilst luxurious jewellers and chocolate shops offer some of the finest and best products. 

The Jet d’Eau is one of the city’s most renowned landmarks as it sprouts a 140-metre high tower of water up on the lake: that is 7,000 litres of water up in the air.  It is also home to the world’s largest particle physics lab – CERN which hosts the Hadron Collider, where particles are smashed together at incredulous speeds.

If you are not into the idyllic scenery, you need to head down to the Paquis quarter, the Rhone’s industrial shores or to the Carouge where the neighbourhoods are buzzing with music bars and clubs.

The airport is located nearly 4km away from Geneva city centre. It is easily reached by train or by bus using local public transport service Unireso. It only takes 6 minutes to/from Geneva city centre by train.

Take a walk down the city parks, sail on the lake and ski in the Alps. Fly to Geneva as it has everything to offer for deluxe living.


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