St Petersburg


St Petersburg

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A city of several charms, St Petersburg has evolved into a beautiful city with an astounding nightlife and rich history. ​

This modern and lively European city has evolved over the centuries from a simple swamp settlement to a bastion of culture. St Petersburg has all the necessary ingredients to turn your travel experience into a memorable one. Lavished with architecture, fine art, a thriving nightlife, an astounding history and a wealth of traditions, St Petersburg has been enticing travellers looking for something different for decades.

The city has many charms and especially on those magical winter days St Petersburg is a fascinating place to be, with breathtaking views from one of the baroque bridges. It is no surprise then that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

When Peter the Great founded the city on a swamp, he knew too well that it would expand to become one of Russia's biggest cities.  It in fact, became the Imperial capital from 1712 to 1730.

Unlike Moscow’s red bricks, St Petersburg’s hosts a network of canals and baroque and neoclassical architecture that give it a European flavour since most of its architecture was built by Italians. Even local residents tend to consider themselves as European with their own culture and set of traditions that are completely different to their easterly neighbours.

A whirlwind of ideas, St Petersburg spurred the Russian Revolution leading Russia into 70 years of communist rule. But it also encouraged democracy as the years went by, initiating social change and changing history forever.

Rastrelli’s architecture and Tchaikovsky’s operas are not the only reason to fly to St Petersburg. Bands, clubs and delightful art galleries line up the streets giving the former capital a giant leap into the 21st century.  

Pulkovo Airport is within 15km from the centre of St Petersburg. Access to the city can be done either by metro, city bus or shuttle bus.

With flowering trees, long summer days and mysterious winter nights, let the skies enchant you and St Petersburg’s culture allure you.


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