Malta to Warsaw

Following a harrowing recent history, Poland’s capital city has beautifully revived into the vibrant metropolitan it is today, greeting visitors with an impressive blend of tradition meets modernity like no other.

Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Warsaw’s Old Town gives visitors a nostalgic glimpse into the city’s golden days, with its red rooftops, labyrinth of winding streets, intricate facades and grand squares. Despite its ancient appearance, the Old Town that stands today was only entirely rebuilt in 1944 after the Warsaw Uprising, in a plea to preserve the city’s former charm. 

A glance into the sky quickly reveals Warsaw’s contrasting second face, as skyscrapers can be seen rising harmoniously behind historical structures.  This jumbled selection of architecture is an exciting part of a trip to Warsaw, as visitors roam the streets in search of a surprise at every corner. 

For the best look at Warsaw’s finest architecture, explore the so-called Royal Route. Get your camera ready as you’ll come across picture-perfect historic landmarks including the Royal Castle, Łazienki Palace and Wilanów Palace.  The latter two are found in two of Warsaw’s most remarkable parks, Łazienki Park and Wilanów Park respectively.  In fact, escaping the city’s hustle and bustle for a breath of fresh air is no hard task in Warsaw, having almost half of its area covered in lush green spaces. 

Culture vultures, history buffs and science enthusiasts will certainly not be disappointed with Warsaw’s rich museum scene. Located on the former site of a Warsaw ghetto, the POLIN Museum will give you a deep insight into the millennium-long history of Poland’s Jewish community.  For an afternoon of learning and experimentation, head to Poland’s top science museum named after the famed Polish astronomer, Copernicus Science Centre. Alternatively, celebrate the life and work of prominent Polish composer Chopin at The Fryderyk Chopin Museum, showcasing over 5,000 items.

When the sun sets in Warsaw, the day is not over yet as the city comes to life with the plenty of chic restaurants, funky bars and trendy nightclubs opening their doors for those seeking to experience Warsaw by night. Poland’s capital is nothing short of entertainment either with the various electrifying concerts, symphony performances and opera classics delighting crowds all-year round.    

A city with an incomparable resilient and high-spirited character, Warsaw urges you to both relive the past as well as live the moment. Book your flights to Warsaw today and experience the city that has risen from the ashes for yourself!

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