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The perfect backdrop for Bond movies, Istanbul combines East with the West making it a most trendy city celebrating modern art. ​

Set at the border between the East and West, Istanbul is beautified by grand domes and minarets. One of Bond author Ian Fleming’s favourite cities, Istanbul has delighted Bond fans when it formed a backdrop for movies such as From Russia With Love and The World is Not Enough

Bringing together elements from Byzantine, Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Turkish civilisations, Istanbul has transformed over the centuries to become a city of cultural significance. Oozing with energy and art, Turkey’s capital Istanbul makes it trendy and chic.

One of Istanbul’s most treasured wonders is the Hagia Sophia. The building which has served as a museum for over 77 years was a religious centre for over 1,400 years.

 Together with an ever expanding array of restaurants, bars, art galleries and clubs, supreme Ottoman mosques also adorn the streets of Istanbul. The excess of prominent historic buildings and exciting art galleries provide visitors the opportunity to discover Istanbul’s extensive history. At night though, Istanbul transforms into a mecca of entertainment beating with life. Bars, clubs and restaurants are pulsating with life and exhilaration as visitors flock to catch a glimpse of the thrilling nightlife.

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is only a 12 to 15-minute walk away or short tram ride from Sultanahment where all the luxurious hotels are. Avoid booking a short trip, as you will not be able to fit in everything on your schedule. There is so much to do and see whilst in Istanbul that you need to save enough time for shopping and excursions.

Travelling to the city centre from Ataturk Airport is easy. Buses, light metro and taxis all operate from the airport to Istanbul’s centre hub.

Whilst in Istanbul, take some time out to sit in a café and try Turkish tea, coffee or smoke a nargile (a water pipe). Dine on aromatic Turkish cuisine, enjoy a traditional fish sandwich by the Golden Horn and you will soon realise why this is one of the world’s most favourite cities.


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