Malta to TripoliTripoli

Libya’s capital features a wide array of colonial architecture and Roman mosaics giving this old city a most unique atmosphere. ​

Amongst its Roman history and colonial architecture, the Libyan capital of Tripoli is a gem waiting to be discovered. Since the UN lifted the sanctions against Libya in 2004, Tripoli has become increasingly popular with tourists and there are quite a few tourist facilities that add an oriental flavour to your trip. 

The Jamahiriya Museum features a superb collection of Roman mosaics whilst the city’s distinctive medina, the atmospheric alleys and Ottoman monuments give this old city character. 

The elegance of the downtown area which was built by the Italians is one of the posher areas in Tripoli. Most locals work here and plenty of shops and restaurants line the streets whilst modern developments are spurring up in the city centre.

The Assaraya al-Hamra (the Red Castle) has a complex of numerous courtyards that add a most spectacular touch to the city skyline whilst statues and fountains from the Ottoman period are spread sporadically around the castle.  

There are three gates to the old town namely Bab Zanata in the west, Bab Hawara in the southeast and Bab Al-Bahr in the north which are still standing today and can be climbed for views of the city.

The Gurgi and Karamanli mosques with their elaborate and complex decorations are one of few examples of thriving art with local craftsmen. 

Wonderful beaches are all within driving distance while the Old City and the Museum offer an excellent opportunity for exploration. The city lights up around sunset when families take a walk around the seafront or at Martyrs’ Square.

Transport from Tripoli International Airport to the city centre is usually by a taxi. Tour operators offer coaches to and from the airport to hotels based in the city centre.

Tripoli exudes a certain Mediterranean charm which is blended with an Arabic-Islamic flavour.  Embark on a journey with a difference.

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