With its warm climate, Libya’s second city offers the perfect weather for a holiday in the sun complete with plenty of shopping opportunities. ​

The second largest city in Libya and the capital of the Cyrenaica region, Benghazi is a wide metropolitan area which also includes the southern towns of Gimeenis and Suluq.

With a Mediterranean climate, experiencing moderate wet winters and warm dry summers, Benghazi offers the ideal scenario for a holiday in the sun. Founded around the 6th century BC by the Ancient Greeks, the city was named after Euesperides. 

At night, Benghazi’s buildings come to life with colour. The sun sets early providing a most pleasant backdrop of the sky and its colours. Night time is very different compared to Western nightlife. Since Benghazi is an Islamic town, nightclubs, bars and gambling are strictly prohibited. However, delicious Turkish cuisine and restaurants can be enjoyed at nighttime. 

Dubai Street is the best place to go for shopping. With many glamorous shops and fine dining restaurants, beautiful pieces of furniture and clothes can be found here. The Al-Bosco is one of the prettiest parks in Benghazi as is the 23 July Park. Benghazi also has miles of stunning beaches lined with palm trees.

Benina International Airport serves Benghazi and is located 19km east of Benghazi. You can get to the city centre from the airport by shared buses organised by the hotels.

Take a stroll on a Benghazi beach and breathe in fresh air as you admire the Mediterranean.

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