​Whether you are a romantic at heart or culture vulture through and through, Venice will not disappoint.

Venice, also known as the floating city, is a culture vulture’s dream come true. An entire city built on water, Venice boasts historic buildings, artistry at every corner and an infamous piazza that is constantly teeming with activity.

The Piazza San Marco, home to the Doge’s Palace, and the Basilica di San Marco offers travellers a multi-sensory experience, as one takes in the sights and sounds of Venice. Perhaps one of the most celebrated European cities, Venice is renowned for its romantic atmosphere.  The Piazza San Marco is the main hub from where tourists may find popular Venetian memorabilia, such as Venetian masks.  It is also the main port for Venice’s infamous gondola rides on the Grand Canal. 

Venice’s wonders are not limited to the Piazza, and can be found elsewhere in the city. For instance, if your main interests lie in the arts, the Peggy Guggenheim art collection at the Venier dei Leoni Palace is a must-see. The collection holds works by some of art’s true masters, such as Picasso, Klee and Kandinskij. Alternatively, the Galleria dell’Accademia is home to a vast collection of Venetian painters, whose works range from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries. 

Murano, a group of islands just off the coast of Venice, may be a little off the beaten track, however it is famous for its glass industry, which produces stunning pieces. In fact, take a look at the Murano Glass Shop that is situated just behind the Basilica di San Marco.

Much like the rest of Italy, you are guaranteed beautiful architecture, inspiring sights and delectable food while in Venice.


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