​Perhaps best known for its variety of cheese and prosciutto, Parma is a thriving city.

Regardless of the popularity of other Italian cities, Parma is certainly the best loved, as it has given the world not just prosciutto crudo, but also parmigiano-reggiano . However, there are many other reasons to fall in love with Parma that are not directly related to food.

A thriving city with deep historical roots, Parma boasts a number of sights that would please any curious traveller. The most prized of these would have to be the Palazzo della Pilotta, which houses the Academy of Fine Arts, the National Gallery, the Archeological Museum, and much more. Originally built in the sixteenth century, this Palazzo is now a prosperous cultural hub.

Straying slightly from the typical historical sights, La Casa del Suono is certainly a unique and innovative museum that is worth a visit. This 17th century church has been converted into a museum that focuses on the history of music production.

Parma is also home to a Serie A football club which has garnered much acclaim for its success both in Italy and in Europe. Rugby is also very popular in Parma, in fact the city’s rugby club competes in Pro12, one of the top worldwide rugby competitions.

A surprising and exciting city through and through, Parma offers travellers a number of fascinating experiences, be it gastronomical, historical, musical or otherwise.

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