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With an enthralling coastline and stunning unspoilt inlets, Olbia offers blue skies and crystal clear seas with plenty of archaeological sites worth visiting. ​

This Sardinian town boasts hundreds of kilometres of coastline, stretching over unspoilt beaches, cliffs, and inlets, all perched on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The opportunities for bathing are endless, whether you’re after the seclusion of a small cove to enjoy all to yourself, or the expanse of a well-appointed sandy beach. Fly to Olbia’s warm Mediterranean climate which is perfect for swimming throughout most of the year.

Apart from the sea and sunshine, Olbia also boasts cultural and historical treasures. The archaeological sites worth visiting include the Riu Mulinu nuraghe (Cabu Abbas), the Tomb of the Giants of Su Monte de S'Abe, the sacred nuraghic well of Sa Testa, the Punic wall between via Torino and via Acquedotto, the Castelo di Pedres and that of Sa Paulazza, the Roman Aquaduct, and the Roman farm at S'Imbalconadu along the road to Padru. 

The National Archaeological museum situated on the  Isolotto di Peddone is characterised by a grand central patio with recently discovered Roman ships. The museum also features an audio-visual feature showing various ancient marine battles.

In the past, rural life here was dominated by agricultural production and the pastoral life, and the city’s calendar of events is largely shaped by this. From the first harvests to the blossoming of fruit, to the grape picking of September, these events, together with various religious festivities, are the basis of the numerous festivals throughout the year which all involve food, ceremony, and a culmination in typical song and dance.

The cuisine of Olbia is certainly worth writing home about. It features a wide variety of ingredients, from honey to fresh seafood, meats, cheeses and of course, wine.

The traditional elements remain very strong, as one would expect from such a proud people. Dishes such as the hearty Zuppa Gallurese are still to be found in most eating establishments.


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