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A short drive from Comiso, is Gela home to some of the country’s foremost historical sites and surrounded by numerous quiet and sandy beaches.​

The short flight from Malta to Comiso provides the perfect gateway to the Southwest of Sicily.

Carpeted with vineyards and olive groves, home to some of the Mediterranean’s most prestigious Greek archaeological sites and delimited by seemingly endless stretches of sandy beach, the area has much to offer the discerning and curious traveller.

Inland, ancient mountain villages preserve age-old traditions and offer fascinating insights into the island’s history, but high on any visitor’s list should be a visit to Gela, just over half an hour’s drive from Comiso.

Probably the oldest town in Sicily after Syracuse and an important centre of Ancient Greek civilisation, Gela even has its own Acropolis!

Records date the city back to the late fifth century BC and it contains ruins of houses and markets in addition to the remains of temples and sacred buildings, the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere in Sicily.

Highlights include the Capo Soprano, the Greek fortifications around the beach, the public baths, the medieval Castelluccio on the outskirts of the town as well as the beautiful Torre di Manfria, The mosaics at the Casale Imperial Palace, once one of the grandest villas in Sicily, are also an incredible sight not to be missed. 

After the ‘exhaustion’ of being immersed in history, Gela also offers the opportunity to relax on beautiful golden, sandy beaches by the Mediterranean Sea, many of which tend to be quieter in this part of Sicily than in the more visited regions.

Some of the best known, on an impressive coastline, include Bianco Grande, Bianco Piccolo, Cammarana, Lanterna, Baia del Sole, Lungomare Federico II di Svevia, Baia Dorica and Passo Marinaro.

Gela is a year round destination, as winters are mild and rainy while summers are typically dry and warm they are cooler than inland locations owing to the proximity of the sea, which moderates temperatures.

The southwest of Sicily fell into decline and relative obscurity for centuries but in the last decade or so, it has put itself back on the map. An un-spoilt, genuine and humble corner of Sicily with much to offer the curious visitor.

Book your flights to Comiso now and experience this unique slice of Sicily for yourself.



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