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Located in Southern Sicily, Comiso is the perfect mix of Sicilian hospitality and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. ​

Comiso is a wonderfully genuine slice of Sicily. Located within the Province of Ragusa in the south, it’s a very short trip to fly from Malta to Comiso.

The laid-back commune is the perfect location if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Dotted with quant piazzas, beautiful architecture and fresh, local foods, it’s a paradise on earth for lovers of the simple things in life. 

Sitting in a small restaurant, you’ll find that wild capers, seasonal vegetables, an array of freshly caught fish and locally produced cheeses make up many of the mouth-watering, traditional dishes. Of course, you’ll have to wash it all down with a glass of Sicilian wine too. 

Once you have allowed your pallet to explore the local cuisine, you can wander around the beautiful structures in the town. Take a trip to the iconic Naselli Castle. Gothic by origin, this castle includes remnants from the classical era. Many inscriptions and statues from this time remain part of the gothic structure. You may also want to visit some of the beautiful churches that are dotted around the town. You should also check out the central Piazza del Municipio where you will find the beautiful Fontana di Diana taking centre stage. Around the piazza there are many public and privately-owned Palazzos that add an element of grandeur. Palazzo Comunale , the town hall, is located here, among many others. This is the perfect piazza to bask in the warm Mediterranean sunshine. 

Choosing flights to Comiso also gives you access to the Province of Ragusa, a place that is well worth exploring. As you can expect, the area is very diverse, much like the rest of Italy. Its towns and cities are dotted with beautiful Baroque cathedrals, storied castles and ancient ruins.

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