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Conjuring visions of appetizing food, Italy offers picturesque sceneries, fine dining and a bubbling fashion scene.

​While the thought of visiting Italy conjures up mouth-watering visions of its world-famous food, Italy is so much more than its cuisine.  It’s a varied landscape of volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, dramatic lakes, forests, sandy beaches, and alpine meadows. It’s a land of artistic and architectural legacies immediately recognisable the world over. 

Italy’s designer clothes are worn by the most style-conscious people in the world; its fast cars and famous motorbikes are praised for their engineering and design prowess, and the Azzurri is one of the leading football teams in the world, cheered on by their ardent fans. 

Italy is the orchestrated chaos of bustling crowds, chatting and gesticulating at market stalls, but it’s also relaxing peacefully on the shore of Lago di Garda with a glass of the region’s finest wine. 

The Italians are a gregarious and proud bunch, and they’ll win you over with their warmth and passion.  Fly to Italy for a magical experience.


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Airports you may be interested in :

Catania | Milan | Rome | Cagliari | Parma | Venice | Turin | Olbia

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