Lying southwest of Berlin, Leipzig is emerging as Germany’s new capital of culture, but Leipzigers don’t like it being called the ‘next Berlin’, as many people do! It has its own distinctive identity. 

Malta to Leipzig

The positive energy that fills the air of this less-known German city is perhaps the result of the crucial role which Leipzig played in the iconic 1989 “Peaceful Revolution” which paved the way for Germany’s reunification. As a result, the city has come to be known as “Stadt der Helden” or “City of Heroes”.

Kick off your Leipzig adventure in the heart of the city; Markt (Market Square). Here, your eyes will be blessed with the most beautiful blend of old and new architecture. One of the most eye-catching buildings here is the Altes Rathaus, an old arcaded Town Hall which represents one of the finest examples of German Renaissance architecture. If you’re visiting this charming German city during Christmas or Easter, Market Square is further brought to life by the traditional markets.

Let your ears tune in to the mesmerising melodies of the Thomanerchor (St. Thomas Choir); a choir which has been established for over 800 years and was once led by Bach himself. This prestigious choir can be heard at the 13th century Gothic church of St. Thomas; Thomaskirche. What’s more, Bach is also buried here, Wagner was baptised here, and Mozart played the organ here. As if this place wasn’t sensational enough, opposite the church lies the Bach Museum, home to rare hand-written manuscripts and instruments.

Another striking landmark that defines the history of Leipzig is Völkerschlachtdenkmal. One of Europe’s tallest war monuments, it commemorates the battle of Leipzig of 1813 where over 600,000 individuals fought and where defeat marked the beginning of the end for French leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

To get a taste of everything that this fascinating German city has to offer, be sure to add Leipzig Zoo to your agenda! A rainforest paradise in the heart of the city, Leipzig Zoo is one of the most distinguished zoos in Germany. A creation of man and nature, it is home to many rare animal species.

Leipzig has shed its reputation as Germany’s ‘poverty capital’ and entered safely into the realm of poverty chic; it has been born anew as a cultural mecca. Treat yourself to a cultural extravaganza by booking flights to Leipzig now!

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