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Hanover is famous for hosting the largest computer trade fair as well as for its very own Oktoberfest and the Royal Garden with its magnificent greenery and exciting zoo. ​

Manicured gardens, the meandering Leine River, and stately palaces and historic edifices make for a relaxing, stress free vacation. However, Hanover has its wild-side too, with attractions like the Hanover Oktoberfest, the Hanover Zoo, and of course, Hanover’s most famous rock export – the rock band The Scorpions.

In keeping with its strong commercial slant, Hanover regularly organises the most famous technical fair on every geek and gadget-lover’s calendar – CeBIT. This is the largest trade fair in the world for computers spanning an exhibition space of almost half a million square meters.

Apart from being a mecca for gamers, industry insiders, and computer professionals, the fair also attracts consumers in droves, either looking for the latest purchase, or just to marvel at the cutting edge technology.

A trip to Hanover’s Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen is a must for the green-thumbed traveller. This immaculately manicured garden is widely regarded as the finest example of Baroque formal gardens in all of Europe. Even if gardening and appreciation for all things organic is not your thing, the Royal Gardens offer visitors ample space to relax and take in the majestic scenery. In fact, the gardens are a favourite place amongst locals for a leisurely outing.

While Munich may come to mind when it comes to Oktoberfest, the Hanover version of this beer and bratwurst infused celebration is not to be overlooked. The Hanover Oktoberfest attracts over a million visitors each year and stretches over 16 days of beer guzzling frenzy. The attractions include two beer tents, over 150 rides, refreshment stands, and, well, more beer.

The Hanover Zoo features a number of themed areas along a five-kilometre path. The Zoo’s designers aimed for an immersive visitor experience by reducing the visible barriers as much as possible. This experience is balanced with the animals’ well-being in mind. The zoo’s themed areas cover various regions from Canada’s northern wilderness to Africa’s Savannah in the Zambezi.

To help visitors find their way around the city, Hanover’s administration thoughtfully created the ‘Red Thread’ – a red line marking a walk throughout the city taking you to all the major sights.

The walk starts at the Tourist Information Office and ends on the Ernst-August-Square in front of the central station. Of course, if a walking pace is too slow for you and you happen to have mechanized transport, you could always take a trip on the Autobahn, a stretch of highway that has no official speed limit.


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