Hamburg is renowned for its music concerts and live music in clubs as well as for its delicious cuisine and famous local restaurants. ​

With its laid-back atmosphere, friendly inhabitants, and un-daunting, sky-scraper free skyline, Hamburg welcomes visitors with open arms. This city may not be as well-known as Berlin, but it offers vacationers an excellent opportunity to discover a beautiful part of Germany in an unhurried environment.

It was in Hamburg that the Beatles famously learned how to play, grinding through set after set at the famous Kaiserkeller club. But the city’s music credentials are still alive and kicking today. Hamburg is widely recognised as the music city in Germany, with a wealth of clubs featuring live music, as well as a busy concert schedule. 

For lovers of classical music, the birth-place of Mendelssohn and Brahms has three philharmonic orchestras: the Philharmoniker Hamburg, the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Hamburger Symphoniker. There’s also the Hamburg State Opera, and a thriving scene for musicals.

Gourmet-food lovers will not be disappointed. Hamburg’s myriad cultural influences have led to a wide array of first-class ethnic eateries, but the city’s local restaurants are gaining ground as well. Typical Hamburg fare, including fresh and dried meat, fish, and soups, is enjoying a revival, and the city’s tradition-breaking chefs are taking these dishes to new heights for the more adventurous diners.


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