Nestled within the deep valley of the Mtkvari river, Tbilisi is the charming capital of Georgia whose colourful architecture and majestic mountainous backdrop exude the ultimate fairy-tale feels.

Malta to Tbilisi
Tbilisi’s roots go back to the 5th century when, according to a legend, King Vakhtang Gorgasali came across numerous hot springs while out hunting which left him so fascinated that he decided to build a city surrounding them. Indeed, the name Tbilisi translates to “warm” and up to this day, no visit to Tbilisi is complete without a dip in one of its famous, relaxing Sulphur Baths

Following Georgia’s peaceful Rose Revolution in 2004, which marked an end to the Soviet leadership in the country, Tbilisi unveiled a fresher, avant-garde dimension. While the charm of its Old Town has remained, an artistic and creative vibe has taken over its narrow winding streets with the inception of quaint coffee shops, local designer boutiques and vintage bazaars.  

As you wander around the Old Town, keep an eye out for one of the city’s most eccentric buildings; Tbilisi’s Leaning Clock Tower. Every hour an angel comes out of the window to ring the bell while a puppet show, displaying the circle of life, amuses passers-by twice a day.

Overlooking the Old Town is the Narikala Fortress, an ancient symbol of Tbilisi’s defence. Soak in the scenic bird’s eye views from up there following a cable car ride or a hike up the hill. It is the Mtatsminda Park, however, that boasts the highest point over the Georgian capital, a park which is also home to a famous, family-friendly amusement park. Thrill-seekers cannot miss a roller-coaster ride on top of this 770-metre-high mountain for the ultimate adrenaline rush kick. 

For the real taste of Georgia, treat yourself to some of the finest local delights. The country’s national dish is the Khachapuri, a bread oozing with cheese with an egg on top of that. Of course, Tbilisi is also a wine lovers’ paradise considering Georgia itself is said to have been the birthplace of wine 8,000 years ago. So, on your trip to Tbilisi, be sure to round off a day of sightseeing sampling local favourites in one of the Old Town’s characteristic wine bars. If you’re more of a nightclub kind of traveller, the good news is that Tbilisi is often considered as one of the best clubbing cities in Eastern Europe! 

Embark on a magical, culturally rich and wine-fuelled journey to the captivating capital of Georgia this summer. Book your flights to Tbilisi today!

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