This historic port city is a multicultural town bursting with nightlife, entertainment, Bohemian cafes and enthusiasm. ​

In contrast to the typical Old European cities on most tourist itineraries, Marseille replaces quaint charm with passion and vibrancy.  A lively nightlife, bohemian cafés lining its streets, sports fanatics, and a cosmopolitan feel make Marseille the ideal destination for adventure seekers.

This historic port city is known as France’s second city, famous for its bouillabaisse, The Count of Montecristo, Le Marseillaise (France’s national anthem), and of course, Zinédine Zidane.

Walking around the old harbour area, with its floodlit fortifications and bobbing sailboat masts, the pungent aroma of seafood leads even the most stoic to temptation.

Here, fish and seafood restaurants abound, and the offering almost always includes the famous bouillabaisse – a heady, rich fish stew served as a two course meal with the rich broth first (accompanied by croutons with garlic mayonnaise and rouille) followed by a fulfilling main course of fish and potatoes.

The city’s chefs have fought hard to protect the recipe for the authentic Provençal dish, even going as far as to create the Bouillabaisse Charter, outlining the ingredients and process for an acceptable Marseillaise Bouillabaisse.

Marseille is a multicultural city, with immigrant communities from North Africa, parts of the Mediterranean, and even Southeast Asia. These varied influences give the city’s cultural palette a dynamic range.

Take in the fascinating works of art at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, or party till the break of dawn at a hip hop club featuring local musicians. Pick up authentic works of African art from the city’s many open markets, or take home some of the classic Herbes de Provence mix to liven up your roast lamb. 

All that excitement’s too much for you? Marseille offers plenty of opportunities to relax. Try a strong coffee at a café, mingling with the locals reading the latest sports results, or take a nap in one of the cities many parks.

But for the definitive connoisseur of Marseillaise relaxation, slowly sip some pastis while watching the fishing boats come in from with their catch. 


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