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Vienna’s Danube River which runs through the city is perfect for a relaxing cruise, whilst the beaches alongside are a great place to unwind. ​

Vienna can be a different experience to anyone who visits. For some, it’s the land of music and dance: The Vienna Boys Choir, Schubert, Haydn, and The Waltz. For others, it’s a typical European city, blending a unique and rich past with a vibrant cosmopolitan present.

There are even those that recall the famous Sacher Torte, and who could blame them (urban legend has it that Japanese spies were sent to the Hotel Sacher to steal the recipe for this delicious chocolate cake). 

After landing in Vienna International Airport, visitors to this vibrant European city can make their way to the city centre quickly and comfortably (using either an express train or the City Airport Train – CAT). Once there, visitors are spoilt for choice.

In the warmer months, beaches along the Danube offer a great place to relax. Alternatively, people-watching at some of the most famous and hospitable cafés in Europe is a great way to while away the afternoon.

The Austrian capital’s most prominent feature is the beautiful Danube River, perfect for a gentle cruise while taking in the sites. The river splits into the Danube Canal running parallel to the main river, and it’s along this canal that some of Vienna’s most historic and picturesque sites are to be found.

Vienna is arguably one of the greenest cities in Europe. Not only is it surrounded by beautiful woodland, including the breathtaking Wienerwald – an area of woodland to the north – but almost half of the city is comprised of parks and other green areas.


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