“Il-Bizzilla” - Бортовой журнал

  • Issue 42

    Il-Bizzilla June 2016

    Our June issue heralds the summer season in all its glory; from events, to tradition, culture, food and right down to all of the other useful hints and tips required to...

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  • Issue 41

    Il-Bizzilla May 2016

    Spring is in the air and this month's il-Bizzilla is brighter, fresher and more colourful than ever. Discover the noble architecture of Verdala Castle and the Inquisitor's...

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  • Issue 40

    Il-Bizzilla April 2016


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  • Issue 39

    Il-Bizzilla March 2016

    Packed with colour and bursting with spring fun, March’s il-Bizzilla brings together culture and tradition; lifestyle and business; the bold and the beautiful. Snorkel...

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  • Issue 38

    Il-Bizzilla February 2016

    From the island's Olive Revolution to how to survive Valentine's Day to an article discussing Men of Malta, the February edition of il-Bizzilla is another publication...

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  • Issue 37

    Il-Bizzilla January 2016

    New year, new magazine! Our January issue is bursting with flavour and oozing style! Check out our exclusive interviews, tips, tricks and useful information about our...

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