Caring for your Health and Safety

Caring for your Health and Safety


As part of our stated commitment to ensure Health and Safety for our passengers, we have made a few changes to your travel experience. During these unprecedented times we have reviewed our processes and upgraded cleaning measures to protect you and your loved ones.

We have been working with industry partners and following best practice guidance to ensure the highest standards of health and safety, not only onboard but throughout the customer journey. Following is a list of changes and recommendations to keep you safe from the time you enter the airport, whilst onboard and upon arrival at your destination.

Preparations at home

Customers must ensure they check the latest travel requirements, advisories and restrictions of the countries and airports they are travelling to, as these maybe subject to change.

Customers must ensure they have a sufficient number of face mask/s for the entire journey. Face masks should be changed after 4 hours of use, unless otherwise indicated by the mask manufacturer. Anyone feeling unwell should NOT travel to the airport. If one cannot wear a face mask because of medical reasons, a signed medical certificate from your physician must be presented.

It is a mandatory requirement for all travelling customers to electronically fill the health decleration form found on prior to checking-in for any Air Malta flight. This electronic form must be presented at the check-in/boarding gate prior to boarding the aircraft. Passengers who have not completed the health decleration form may be refused boarding. 

Furthermore, all passengers travelling to Malta must complete the Public Health Travel Declaration form as well as the Passenger Locator form. Both forms as well as further information can be accessed through

Customers are requested to check the following link, for the latest requirements and updates before travelling. 

Travel insurance is always recommended.

At the airport

Follow all airport communication and policies as instructed.

Staff at Malta International Airport will be wearing masks and following Health and Safety standards mandated by Maltese Authorities.

You may be asked to undertake a basic health assessment such as temperature screening and provide details of your travel itinerary. At Malta International Airport, if your body temperature exceeds 37.2 degrees Celsius, you will be interviewed by the Public Health Authorities and may be asked to leave the airport.

Where possible, online check-in is recommended.

Arrive at the airport a minimum of 2.5 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time. Be aware that only travellers maybe allowed inside Airport terminals.

It is obligatory in many airports to wear face masks at all times.

Malta International Airport (MIA) has introduced new signage and floor markings to help you find your way around the terminal, whilst keeping safe distances. New technologies such as thermal screening and agglomeration detection are also in place.

Follow general hygiene etiquette and ensure social distancing.

Use hand sanitiser where available. Personal sanitiser gels can be taken onboard, however they must not exceed 100ml when passing through Security.

Hand baggage may now be checked in free of charge. Only laptop bags, hand bags and baby bags are guaranteed on board, other hand baggage will be restricted.

Please ensure to remove lithium batteries, valuables and dangerous goods from all checked in luggage.

There are no changes to current procedures for pets in cabin and musical instruments.

Business class passengers and Diamond Card holders are advised that MIA’s La Valette lounge will be operating in line with social distancing recommendations, and that lounge availability may not be guaranteed.


Ensure social distancing at all times and follow general hygiene etiquette.

Boarding will be undertaken by zones, Business Class passengers will be boarded last.

Ensure that face masks are worn at all times. Passengers will not be allowed to board without a facemask. Children under 6 and passengers suffering from breathing difficulties are exempt. If one cannot wear a face mask because of medical reasons, a signed medical certificate from your physician must be presented. Gate staff and crew must be notified. Face visors are not allowed as a substitute of face masks.

Follow the instructions given by the Air Malta representatives at the gate at all times.

Ensure that the health Declaration form is completed. This must be presented prior to boarding.

Use of hand sanitisers is recommended. These can be found across the airport terminal.

On board

Cabin crew will wear masks throughout the flights.

Ensure that face masks are worn at all times except when eating or drinking, or as instructed by crew. Children under 6 and passengers suffering from breathing difficulties are exempt. Face visors are not allowed as a substitute of face masks. If one cannot wear a face mask because of medical reasons, a signed medical certificate from your physician must be presented.

Pay particular attention to our revised pre-flight safety demonstration. Any face masks must be removed in the case of an emergency involving the use of oxygen.

Once seated, do not switch your pre-allocated seat. Due to contact tracing, it is very important that passengers occupy their assigned seats as shown on the boarding card, and do not change seats on-board.

Follow general hygiene etiquette.

Pre-packed food and selected drinks will be available for sale on board. Items on sale can be found in our inflight magazine, Il-Bizzilla. Only credit card payments will be accepted.

Il-Bizzilla magazine will be provided onboard. Please pick up a complimentary new copy of the magazine upon boarding the aircraft. Feel free to take it with you after the flight. Copies of used magazines left onboard will be recycled.

No queuing is allowed for the use of lavatories. In line with safety recommendations, only the rear aircraft lavatories will be available for use by ALL passengers.

Air Malta aircraft make use of HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filters which remove particles including bacteria and virus clusters. The efficiency of the aircraft’s air conditioning HEPA filters is at least 99.97% at 0.3 Micron. The cabin conditioning air enters at the top of the cabin and travels vertically downwards to leave at floor level and is designed to prevent longitudinal airflow within the cabin. This air filtration system is also used in hospitals. 


Disembarkation and arrival will be undertaken by zones. All passengers are to remain seated until instructed to do otherwise by the crew.

Facemasks to remain worn at all times.

Follow general hygiene etiquette andbserve social distancing when waiting for and collecting baggage.

Follow airport specific health and safety guidelines.

Aircraft cleaning and sanitisation

Air Malta aircraft are sanitised daily using Airbus approved products.

All internal aircraft cabin surfaces are thoroughly cleaned after every flight.

All passenger transport is sanitised daily.

Air Malta aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters with an efficiency level of more than 99.9% filtering very small particles such as bacteria and viruses. Cabin air inside aircraft is also refreshed every 2-3 minutes.

Further Information

Passengers travelling from Paris, Marseille, Madrid, Tunisia and Czech Republic to Malta should present a negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Report (PCR) taken within 72 hours of their arrival before boarding flights to Malta. Passengers who fail to produce the PCR COVID-19 test on arrival, may be submitted to testing in Malta and may be subject to a quarantine order issued by the Superintendent of Public Health

Forms required to enter all destinations can be accessed via






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