Once more this January, the Valletta International Baroque Festival will bring together some of the finest Baroque musicians of the moment. Learn more!

The Valletta International Baroque festival is back this January! The 8th edition of the Valletta Baroque Festival will once more host world-class artists, both from Malta and abroad, performing beautiful music from Monteverdi to Bach and beyond. The Festival was created in 2013 to celebrate the Baroque identity of Valletta, Malta’s capital city. During the Festival Valletta resounds with music from the period of when it was built! Here’s what to expect if you are around in the next few weeks and enjoying your  holidays in Malta!

Photo courtesy of the official Valletta Baroque festival website


The perfect backdrop

Upon entering the city of Valletta, it certainly doesn’t take long to notice the baroque feel and architecture that makes Valletta what it is, and indeed, this extravagant quality of the area is genuinely worthy of celebration. All of this makes the city the perfect backdrop for many of the performances of the Baroque Festival!

The selected venues, naturally pair with the atmosphere of the music perfectly. The Festival is primarily centred around Malta’s national theatre, the Manoel Theatre, commissioned in 1731 by Grandmaster António Manoel de Vilhena. This year there will also be performances beyond Valletta, in exquisite venues such as Palazzo Parisio, Verdala and San Anton Palace.

A handful of highlights!

The Festival will run from the 10th until the 25th of January, here’s just a snapshot of the dazzling performances scheduled, take a look here for the   full programme

11th January 

(Not so) Italian Concertos

Franciscan Church of St Mary of Jesus (Ta’ Ä ieżu), Valletta, 12:00 pm

Les Contre-Sujets

Music by Couperin, Naudot, Buxtehude and Telemann is paired up with the stunning work of Vivaldi. Head to Valletta and enjoy  an afternoon of the so-called Italian concertos, with an unforgettable French and German twist.

Not so Italian Concertos

Photo courtesy of the official Valletta Baroque festival website

16th January 

Bach Reworked

Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar,  12:00 pm

Teodoro Baù & Andrea Buccarella

“Reworkings”, aims to explore the world of Johann Sebastian Bach’s transcriptions; there are countless examples of Bach’s transcriptions; for example, the Italian concertos by composers such as Vivaldi or Marcello transcribed for organ.

Neapolitan Cello Concertos

Teatru Manoel, Valletta, 7:30 pm

Catherine Jones & Controcorrente

Discover some musical treasures from the 18th century, Naples. Two of the works performed are written by Nicola Fiorenza, composer and violinist with an eccentric style, who played for many years in the Orchestra of the Neapolitan Royal Chapel.

Baroque festival 2020

Photo courtesy of the official Valletta Baroque festival website

22nd January

Pedro Ruimonte – Music at the Court of the Archdukes Albert & Isabella Clara Eugenia

St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta, 7:30 pm

La Grande Chapelle, dir. Albert Recasens

Pedro Ruimonte wrote this fascinating music between 1601 and 1614 when he was Master of Chamber Music at the Brussels court of Archduke Albert and his extremely cultured and artistic wife, the Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia. For a small fee, you can meet the artists after the concert while having a drink and nibbling on some appetizers.

Photo courtesy of the official Valletta Baroque festival website

An unforgettable event

This Festival is a must-see for anyone visiting Malta this January, so make sure to book   flights to Malta  to Malta on time to catch it and immerse yourself in some of the most excellent music of all time in Malta’s most prestigious venues!

The Valletta Baroque Festival is an initiative of Teatru Manoel and is structurally supported by the Ministry for Justice, Culture, Local Government and the Malta Tourism Authority.

For more information on the next edition of the Valletta Baroque Festival and tickets visit here