Ibiza may be known as a party destination, but did you know there’s much more to this beautiful island than nightclubs? Discover the top activities here!

While Ibiza may well be known as the world’s top party destination, did you know there’s so much more to this beautiful island than nightclubs? If you look a little further, you will soon realise Ibiza is a lovely island steeped with history, white sandy beaches, kitsch markets and food to die for. 

With Air Malta’s new direct flights to Ibiza, you just need to know where to go. And that’s what we’re here for today!

Pick up some souvenirs at the legendary hippy markets

hippy market ibiza

Ibiza is known for having a chilled, bohemian lifestyle. It also has a few markets that occur weekly, known as the hippy markets which started in the 1970s! The one in Es Canar usually happens every Wednesday, while the one in San Carlos happens on Saturdays.  At these quaint markets, you’ll find countless stalls of handmade jewellery, quirky clothes and unique souvenirs. It’s a colourful and bubbly atmosphere filled with live music and street food. So, go on, shop for something a little different than the classic t-shirt that states “I’d rather be in Ibiza”!

Look for history at Dalt Vila

dalt vila ibiza

History lovers should make a beeline to the Dalt Vila, or the old quarter of Ibiza Town. Here you can view the Roman ruins, Ibiza Castle, and the famous city walls, which are classified as a National Monument. Take a stroll along the old city walls during the evening which when illuminated, they make an unforgettable scene.

Devour a traditional Spanish paella

spanish paella ibiza

While in Ibiza it is easy to find plenty of fast food outlets, though you simply must try a traditional paella made of the freshest local seafood. Many restaurants on the island cook their paella in giant pans that can measure up to six feet in diameter. Saffron is used to flavour and colour the rice to give it that yellow look and distinct taste. Not into seafood? Don’t worry; there are also chicken, rabbit and vegetarian varieties.

Hike to the top of Sa Talaia

ibiza hikes

Burn down the calories and get some fresh air with a hike to Ibiza’s tallest point, Sa Talaia. Stretching 2.4km, this is an easy uphill climb rewarding adventure seekers with incredible panoramic views of the whole island and the gorgeous blue waters surrounding it. Visit during the golden hour for the most magical experience! 

Experience water sports!

ibiza water sports

Water sports in Ibiza are one of the most popular daytime pastimes. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Es Canar, Cala Llonga and Playa d’en Bossa, where you will find a plethora of water sports on offer such as water skiing, paragliding, riding inflatable bananas, diving, windsurfing, among others. After the adrenaline rush, you can switch off and relax on the sandy beaches, listening to the hypnotic sounds of the waves.
Make the most out of your trip to this stunning Balearic Island by fitting these alternative activities into your agenda. Book your flights to Ibiza now for a summer vacation like no other!