With Air Malta’s long list of direct destinations, you can easily reach a cooler summer to escape the heat in no time at all! Discover them all here!

While many of us crave balmy Mediterranean summer nights, there are a fair few of us who are looking to escape the heat, and with Air Malta’s long list of direct destinations, you can easily reach a cooler summer- in no time at all! 

Let us give you our top 5 destinations where you won’t be reaching for the sun cream or fighting off the mosquitoes, but rather embracing pleasant temperatures in some of the finest European cities!


Flights to Düsseldorf

Summer in Düsseldorf generally lingers around 20 degrees, making it a great bolthole from the heat. In July there’s an explosion of fun and levity at the Rheinkirmes, considered as the largest funfair on the Rhine; a public celebration that is only exceeded by Oktoberfest for scale.

And there’s so much culture you may not know where to begin: The city has historic residences and parks built by Imperial Electors, art museums for all periods in time, and plenty of beautiful medieval churches. For the shopaholics, check out the utterly chic shopping street Königsallee.

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Flights to Vienna

Austria’s capital is famous for its melting pot of cultural events, royal sights, quaint coffee houses, cosy wine taverns, and the extraordinary Viennese charm. 

Vienna’s history dates back to around about the first century AD when the Romans established the military camp Vindobona. Today’s skyline is characterised by the abundance of Baroque buildings, making the city truly picture-perfect. Vienna owes much of its international fame to the many celebrated composers who lived and worked in the city, including Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. Why not pay a visit to the famous Vienna State Opera house while there?

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Flights to London

If you are looking for a traditional British summer, then look no further than a trip to London! Within easy reach of London, you can get to Brighton or Great Yarmouth, both iconic seaside towns with a kitsch charm, and learn the “proper” way to enjoy a traditional fish and chips! (That’s in paper next to the sea of course!) 

If you fancy staying in the Swinging City, London has a plethora of green spaces and parks you can readily enjoy. Check out St James Park or Hyde Park for the perfect picnic afternoon.

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Flights to Zürich

There’s much more to Zürich than banks and business. Beneath the surface of all its wealth, there is a beautiful city steeped in history and a young urban population that embraces a vibrant nightlife. Sure, it’s not the Mediterranean, but at nearby Lake Zürich, it’s possible to go for a dip in summer, hire a pedal boat or relax by the shore at one of the many parks that surround it. Cafés, bars and restaurants are peppered around the lake as well, providing plenty of opportunities for an aperitif with a scenic view

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Flights to Warsaw

When visiting Poland, it is undoubtedly best to start with its capital city of Warsaw, to which you can now start flying directly with Air Malta starting this summer! 

This historical city and its people have seen it all! During WWII, Warsaw has suffered, and it was very nearly destroyed. Now, less than a century later, it has inarguably become one of Europe’s liveliest cities to visit.

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With so many wonderful places to visit the question is not when, but which one of the above will you tick off your bucket list first?