There is a huge emphasis on family in Malta, making it a great place for kids. Read on to discover some tips for travelling to Malta with kids!

If you’re booking your holidays to Malta with a new born or small child in tow, you can rest assured that it is an incredibly family friendly destination. There is a huge emphasis on family in Malta, making it a great place for kids. Read on to discover some tips for travelling to Malta with kids!   

Fly with Air Malta

You’ll be glad to know that flying with Air Malta means that travelling with your little one will be a completely relaxing experience. Air Malta gives each child 10kgs of luggage, irrespective of ticket type. You also have the option of keeping your child on your lap, or purchasing an extra seat, and the crew are always on hand to help you out if needs be.

Travelling to Malta with a Baby

Choose the Time of Year Carefully

Malta enjoys over 3000 hours of sunshine every year which means picking a good time to go is quite straightforward. It’s worth noting though that in the summer, the temperatures can reach 40°C and this may be too much for young children or babies. The best time of year for travelling to Malta with a baby would be between April and June. At that time of year the temperatures are in the 20’s, the sea is warm enough to swim in and the sun is out almost every day. You’ll also find that the whole country is less crowded then too. This means you can have a peaceful and relaxing break for you and your family.

Choose a Child-Friendly Restaurant

You’ll find that most of the restaurants and cafés in Malta are child friendly and will be happy to accommodate you with your baby. It’s recommended that you give the them a call first just to check though. When visiting towns and villages, there are often large, public play areas which are surrounded by child friendly establishments. You can sit and enjoy the glorious weather while sampling delicious food and drink as your children play around you.

Travelling to Malta with a Baby 

Consider transport 

When navigating the island, you can choose to take a bus, get a taxi or hire a rental car. If you’re travelling with a baby, it’s best to rent a car. Having your own car means you can avoid public transport timetables and busy buses. Finding your way around is relatively easy as all road signs are in English and you can get to pretty much anywhere you would ever want to go in under one hour. This means that your baby won’t get too restless being strapped into a car seat for long journeys!

Travelling to Malta with a Baby 

Consider renting an apartment

When you have a little one, choosing the right accommodation is key. Ideally, you want to make the location as similar to home as possible. Luckily, in Malta you can choose from lots of beautiful holiday apartments so you can easily create a home for you and your baby to settle into. Renting an apartment means you also avoid the possibility of noisy guests in the room next door, or late-night karaoke from the hotel bar. You can settle down in peace to enjoy the long summer nights, with all the convenience of being at home.

Whether you’re travelling with a young baby and your partner, or a family of all ages- Malta has lots of solutions to help you make the best of your time!