Thinking of planning a summer holiday in Malta? Packing everything into a suitcase can be a difficult task. Read on to discover what you should pack for your Maltese holiday!

Are you thinking of planning a summer holiday in Malta? You might have an idea of the sights you want to see, but what on earth should you pack? Packing a week or twos worth of your life into a suitcase can be a difficult task. Read on to discover what you should pack for your Maltese holiday!

Summer Holiday to Malta


The summer months are long and hot with temperatures regularly reaching 30 degrees Celsius so it’s best to leave the hiking socks and boots at home. Depending on the activities you have planned, something that will allow your feet to breath, like sandals or flip flops, is advisable. Also, make sure you have some grip on the soles if you are planning on hitting the pavements all day!


In warm temperatures and with the humidity that comes with August and September it’s best to stick to light, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. Avoid things like polyester and nylon as these will just make you hotter in the summer heat.  Choose loose fitting items for the same reason and stick to shorts or skirts, vest tops and short-sleeved shirts. Leave the jeans and anything with long sleeves behind, even at night time you won’t need them. Make sure you pack your swimwear too; you’ll definitely make use of it!

Summer Holiday to Malta


Sunglasses are a must and it’s a good idea to bring some type of hat to shade your head and face when the sun is at its hottest. It is also worth bringing a light scarf or pashmina to cover sun kissed skin or to put over your shoulders if you are entering a church or cathedral. As far as bags go, it would be a good idea to put your bits and bobs in an over the shoulder bag with enough space for things like water and sunscreen.

Summer Holiday to Malta


Malta is closer to the equator than the rest of Europe and the sun is extremely strong so make sure that you have at least factor 40 sun cream applied at all times. Also, always have a bottle of water handy to make sure you stay hydrated and avoid the risk of sun or heat stroke. Another good idea is to bring natural or pharmaceutical mosquito repellent. If you are planning to be out and about after sundown or in the evening, you are likely to encounter some of the little critters so make sure you know how to avoid mosquitoes as much as possible.


Malta’s plug sockets are the same as the UK but if you are coming from continental Europe be sure to pack a plug adapter, although you can pick these up locally. Otherwise you can pick up pretty much anything else you might need in one of the local shops. Just don’t forget your bank cards, phone, and passport as chances are, you won’t get far without those!

Now that you have an idea of what to bring, all that remains is for you to book your flights to Malta and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime on these paradise islands!