Switzerland is one-of-a-kind and a visit to the Swiss Alps once in a lifetime is an absolute must. Explore the best mountainous wonders near Zurich!

Air Malta offers direct flights from Malta to Zurich, the vibrant cosmopolitan Swiss city long-known as the global centre for banking and finance. But there’s more to Zurich than a great city feeling as with a short journey away from the city, you can be wandering in the Swiss Alps, breathing the fresh air and exploring the stunning scenery that is incomparable to anywhere else. So, what are the best mountainous wonders to check out whilst you are there? Read our guide to discover more.

Heidiland and Liechtenstein

Mountains near Zurich

This incredibly beautiful itinerary gives you the opportunity to visit two countries in one day, combining Switzerland with Liechtenstein. A famous stop along this itinerary is at the fine medieval Rapperswil, known as the City of Roses. However, the highlight of this journey will certainly be a visit to Heidiland (aka Maienfeld), making all your childhood dreams come true as you relive the adventures of Heidi. In Heidiland, soak up the view of the waterfalls, pay a visit to Heidi’s house or enjoy a wine tour. Ultimately, as you travel through another Alpine country, discover Vaduz, the capital Liechtenstein.  


Mountains near Zurich

When it comes to the world’s most wonderful locations, the Swiss Alps have to be pretty high on the list as the beauty there is simply indescribable. This breathtaking experience will take you to one of Europe’s highest peaks on a full-day trip to the amazing mountain of Jungfrau. Up here, you can wander through the Sphinx Observatory, a site listed in UNESCO World Heritage, and explore the enchanting depths of an Ice Palace. 

Mount Rigi and Lucerne 

Mountains near Zurich

Considered as one of the prettiest cities in all of Switzerland, Lucerne boasts the most picturesque views of the surrounding countryside and an iconic bridge which has existed for 685 years. A remarkable mountainous area near Lucerne is Rigi, with Rigi Kulm being the highest point here. Hop onto the cogwheel train, which has existed since 1871, and immerse yourself in the most relaxing and awe-inspiring journey imaginable. Whether you’ll be witnessing the vast green landscapes of summer or a snowy winter wonderland below you, the whole place will feel incredibly surreal. 

Mount Titlis

Mountains near Zurich

Head South of Zurich for a day trip to Mount Titlis, another gem of Switzerland. Titlis’ most distinctive feature is its suspension footbridge which happens to be the highest in Europe. Experience the most spectacular walk of your life across this bridge promising the dreamiest of panoramas. What’s more, the world’s first revolving aerial cableway is found here too! Finally, muster some courage and hop onto Titlis’ “Ice Flyer”, a chairlift sweeping you smoothly above an impressive glacier which is guaranteed to keep your jaw dropping at every sight.

Switzerland is one-of-a-kind and a visit to the Swiss Alps at least once in a lifetime is an absolute must. What are you waiting for? Book flights to Zurich now and explore the best that nature has to offer!