With so many beautiful areas to experience, Paris is a dream for both the well-versed & budding photographer. Find the best photo locations in Paris here!

Whether you like it or not, Instagram-driven adventures are having a moment, and it is about time we got on board! In a time where our travels and memories can be shared worldwide within just the click of a button, photo documenting your trip is now becoming the norm of any travel itinerary. Capturing that candid shot is no easy feat, or perfecting the ideal selfie, though with a stunning backdrop like Paris it is impossible to go wrong!

Let us show you the beautiful city’s crème de la crème spots for snapping… don’t forget your charger!


Trocadero Paris

No one would truly believe you went to Paris without capturing the iconic Eiffel Tower landmark. 

One of the best spots to capture images of the Eiffel Tower is from Trocadéro. Here you’ll find a vast open square with stunning intricate patterns on the paving which you can use to border your image. Also, from this spot, you should head down the steps towards the Eiffel Tower, where you’ll find a prominent water feature to also use in your shots. It is a well worth getting up early and heading to Trocadéro in time for sunrise, not only for the spectacular views but also to avoid the crowds as it’s one of the most popular tourist locations in the city. Truly Instagram royalty upon your feed!

Streets of Montmartre

Montmartre Paris

The streets of Montmartre are a pearl, and it’s a must-visit area when in Paris. The winding roads are magical, packed with striking architecture, cobbled pavement, funky shops and magnificent facades. To top it off, you have the superb Sacré-Cœur church, which you’ll see dominating the horizon as you explore the area. Montmartre is a top Instagram and photography spot and shouldn’t be missed on your visit to the city.

The Sinking House

Sinking House Paris

While exploring the Montmartre neighbourhood, an essential destination to put on your agenda is “The Sinking House” (not an official name!). In truth, the building isn’t actually sinking-it’s just an incredible illusion where you angle your lens and use a vertical grass hill to make it appear that way. It’s super cool to photograph and certainly will catch your followers’ attention.

View from Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe Paris

An ideal location for pictures is from the Arc de Triomphe, which offers you endless panoramic views such as towards La Défense, the Eiffel Tower and every other direction. Head to the landmark around sunset and see the lively night atmosphere unfold in front of your eyes.

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne Paris

Aside from substantial tourist attractions, pay attention to details in Paris, and you will not be disappointed. Throughout Paris are various indoor passageways with a favourite being the beautiful Galerie Vivienne. It certainly feels very French chic inside, and it makes for original pictures.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Paris

Last but not least head to the Louvre; one of the world’s most famous galleries and home to the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci. It goes without saying, the exterior glass pyramid makes for the most photogenic reflective perspectives and it looks incredible both day and night. Here you can try perfecting your long exposure!

With so many beautiful areas to experience and snap, Paris is a prime destination for both the well-versed and budding photographer. After all, did it even happen if you didn’t snap it?!

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