If you’re craving some pastizzi but your next trip to Malta is still a few months away, discover some places where you can buy Maltese food abroad.

Anyone who has visited Malta will know that Maltese food, with its European and North African influences, is full of flavour and the Maltese are indeed very passionate about their food.  However, if you’re craving some pastizzi but your next flight to Malta is still a few months or weeks away, you will be pleased to know that you can find Maltese food in all four corners of the world.  Discover some of the places where you can enjoy some traditional Maltese food outside of Malta.

United Kingdom

  • Parparellu, London

Parparellu opened its doors in Hammersmith, Central London in September 2012.  The café is run by Joseph Pace, who was brought up in Hamrun, Malta and has lived in London for over 20 years.  Having been surrounded by food from all over the world in London, Mr Pace wanted to bring freshly prepared Maltese food to the cosmopolitan city of London.  Now, Parparellu serves everything from Maltese ftira to pastizzi and sweet treats including Maltese honey rings and kannoli.  Parparellu have won two awards for Best Food Business 2013 and Best Hammersmith Business 2013.

  • Gustoso, Swindon

Gustoso is a café that can be found on the corner of Victoria Road and Wood Street in the Old Town of Swindon.  The café, which opened around 3 years ago, serves various dishes with a Maltese twist, and its menu also includes deep-fried Maltese ravioli, pastizzi and some well-known Maltese drinks, including Cisk Lager.  Gustoso also serves up a delicious Maltese platter which includes peppered cheeselets, sundried tomatoes, capers and other Maltese delicacies.

Maltese Ravioli  Air Malta


  • The Malta Bake Shop, Toronto

The Malta Bake Shop opened its doors over 30 years ago in Toronto, Canada.  The Malta Bake Shop is owned by Charles and Antoinette Buttigieg, a married couple from Malta.  The café serves fresh homemade pastizzi filled with traditional ricotta or cheese, as well as other varieties including potato and onion.   Additionally, the café also serves fresh Maltese honey rings, krustini and Kinnie.

North America

  • Leli’s Bakery and Café, New York

Leli’s Bakery and Café can be found in the commercial neighborhood of Astoria, New York.  The café opened its doors in November 2012.  Leli’s serves up a range of Maltese food freshly baked instore, including traditional Maltese bread, Maltese honey rings, ricotta-filled qassatat and of course, pastizzi!

Maltese Ftira  Air Malta


  • Archie The Pastizzi Bus, Adelaide

Archie The Pastizzi Bus was established in 2013, and travels around the streets of Adelaide to bring pastizzi to the locals.  Archie The Pastizzi Bus is modelled on a traditional yellow and orange Maltese bus and serves a large variety of pastizzi in different and unique flavours.  These include ricotta, chicken and mushroom, peas and pork, chicken curry and beef, as well as a number of sweet varieties including apple and cinnamon, and blueberry and white chocolate.  You can find out where Archie The Pastizzi Bus will be heading from their Facebook and Twitter page.

Author: Sabine Jung