Looking for a unique festive holiday? Discover how to spend Christmas in Cairo here!

If you’re thinking of a destination to visit over the festive period, Cairo probably isn’t one that comes to the top of your mind for some yuletide cheer. However, there’s an abundance of fantastic activities on offer over the Christmas period! Alongside Air Malta’s direct route, let us show you plenty of other reasons to visit Cairo in December!

Khan el Khalili Cairo

Fantastic sales shopping!

If you consider yourself a shopaholic and you have completed many other capitals, why not see what great shopping Cairo has in store! December offers plenty of sales across the malls in Cairo. Check out the Cairo Festival City Mall of the high-end First Mall within the Four Seasons hotel. The perfect place to pick up all of those gifts!


Cairo celebrates two Christmas’s.

Yes, that’s absolutely right! The wonderful thing when it comes to enjoying Christmas in Cairo is that western Christmas (Dec, 25th) is celebrated, as well as Coptic Christmas (Jan, 7th). For the whole month of December and through the New Year, you and your close friends and family can enjoy the Christmas spirit with the fantastic festive build-up!

Take a dreamy Nile Cruise.

Cruising down the Nile and exploring ancient temples is genuinely an excellent way to spend the Christmas season. And don’t worry; it will undoubtedly feel like Christmas. Nile cruises entertain their guests with festive meals, plenty of music and great music. The Nile River is also the perfect place to usher in a new year for a truly unique experience!

Cruise the Nile

Did you know?

Egyptians fast for a period of 43 days before Christmas, which is also known as “lent fasting”. This period starts from November 25th up until January 6th. During this fast, they only consume vegan items which exclude any meat or dairy products such as chicken, beef, milk, cheese, and eggs. On Christmas day people distribute “Zalabya” (doughnuts) and “Bouri” (Mullet Fish) to the poor. In Egypt, Father Christmas is called Baba Noel.

Egypt bears one of the most vibrant and most varied histories in the world. As you explore this mesmerising country, you’ll encounter the wonderful cultures and traditions that make it so utterly unique. The Christmas and New Year’s holiday season is an excellent time to visit, whether you are deeply interested in Coptic culture or  looking for a different destination to explore this year!

One final note- “Merry Christmas” in Egyptian Arabic is “Eid Milad Majid.”  Getting there has never been easier thanks to Air Malta’s new direct flights. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flights to Cairo today and experience the Egyptian capital in all its glory!